What is a plant swap?

The East Tennessee Plant Swap is an exciting and fun event that brings together people who love plants and gardening.  It provides an opportunity to make new friends, talk to old friends, and share plants with fellow gardeners.  Everyone is welcome.

What should I bring?

Potted plants, freshly dug plants (properly conditioned to survive until they can be planted), cuttings, well-developed seedlings, seeds, small trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, annuals, gardening tools, gardening supplies, gardening crafts, and gardening related art are all welcome.  These are the kinds of things we typically swap.  Please pre-label your plants so that the recipient will know what they have.

How about lunch?

We usually also have a pot luck lunch.  Sandwiches, finger food, picnic type dishes, deserts, and utensils are welcome.  Please verify we’re having the meal before each swap by checking the announcements on Gardenweb’s Tennessee Forum or on this site before you bring anything.  Check the Swap Forum to see what others are planning to bring and to let others know what you can bring.

What are the facilities like?  Do I need to bring anything else?

If you have special plants that you're saving for someone or have swaps previously set up, please make sure these are clearly marked or separated in some way so that no one walks off with them by accident.

Weather permitting, we usually swap from the back of our vehicles or from self-supplied tables.  If you want shade or if it's raining, there is plenty of room in the pavilion, and sometimes everyone ends up there.  Some people bring a chair for a place to set near their vehicle or table.

Is there a cost to attend the swap?

The swap is entirely free, but it does cost the coordinators a little to reserve the park and pay for hosting services for this website. A donation of two or three dollars per person, with a maximum of five dollars per family, would help us cover these expenses.

Are there rules I need to know about?

No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Bringing pets is discouraged, but is allowed if you keep them on a leash and clean up after them.

Children, other family members, and friends are always welcome!

No selling or commercial activity is permitted.  Prearranged swaps are welcome.  Freebies/giveaways are at the digression of the offerer and should never be requested.