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What happened to all the previous discussions?

Posted by Brandon7 
What happened to all the previous discussions?
April 13, 2017 11:49PM
Initially, it was decided that the East Tennessee Plant Swap's website would be hosted by GoDaddy. That turned out to be a HUGE mistake! GoDaddy was a horrible, terrible, awful company. They were rarely helpful, consistently difficult to deal with, and out to take advantage of their customers at every opportunity.

In early 2017, it was determined that we absolutely had to change hosts. Because the programming was a little messy to start with, and because of the complexity of moving the Phorum database, this was a sizeable task. I backed up all the files and tried to clean up the HTML chaos as much as possible.

I was unsure of the steps needed to move the MySQL data base (containing all our previous Plant Swap Forum data). Someone was recommended to help with the move, and that person seemed very willing and able to do the job. She secured all the files, including the MySQL data. After initially doing most of the work, this person simply walked away and became un-contactable. I have no idea what happened (family problems, etc?). After an unbelievable effort to try to recontact her, with no response, I finally had to give up. She had, in effect, stolen our database.

I have moved the website, but have lost all the old data. I had to set up the Plant Swap Forum, again, from scratch. I'm sorry the old information was lost, but my attempt to save it just didn't work.


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