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Mark's For Trade List

Posted by plant_collector 
Mark's For Trade List
January 31, 2018 03:48PM
See you in the Fall, hopefully.

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Re: Mark's For Trade List
March 16, 2018 09:37PM
Wow, I’m in awe of your collection! This will be my first plant swap so I’m still learning the ropes, but I’d love some of the Carolina allspice and the sweetspire. I will be bringing several varieties of coneflowers that have all been grown from seed, some collected in my gardens, some purchased. I will also have several varieties of rudbeckia to share. I’m sure I’ll be adding to the list as time moves on, but if anything appeals to you, please let me know! I’ll get my list together soon to share! Thank you!
Re: Mark's For Trade List
March 17, 2018 04:48AM
Don't know if you want the allspice this bad but there is one about 5' high growing up inside a pine tree that I am about to cut down. If you want to drive to Oak Ridge and get it (won't live too long wrapped up bare root) it is all yours. Don't know if I will be at the swap.

Re: Mark's For Trade List
April 05, 2018 09:51AM
Hey Mark! If you do make it to the swap, I'd love a start of your Buddleia lindleyana. Any chance you'd like a rooted angel trumpet????
Re: Mark's For Trade List
April 06, 2018 06:59PM
Looks unlikely I will be there but will bring you B. if so. Don't need Datura; not really hardy here.
Re: Mark's For Trade List
April 13, 2018 12:28PM
Hi Mark

It's always an adventure reading your list. I know some of the real names of plants but not most of them, so google is my friend.

I'm interested in 11,14 and 20.

I just posted my list, please look and see if there is anything you are interested in.

Re: Mark's For Trade List
April 13, 2018 01:56PM

Don't see anything on your list I really want but if I make it to the swap (looks unlikely) I will bring you some of the plants you requested. You are also welcome to visit here (I live in Oak Ridge) and we can dig some.

Re: Mark's For Trade List
April 15, 2018 09:16PM
We would like any and all of the grasses and cane, Bamboo, etc.
Re: Mark's For Trade List
April 18, 2018 09:10PM
Hi! I’d love a bell tree dahlia, if there’s anything on my list you’d like.

Thanks! Jacie
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