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Jacie’s have list- edit 5/2

Posted by Jacwo2 
Jacie’s have list- edit 5/2
March 15, 2018 07:33PM
Have a few outside plants:

(Taken)*Mystery climbing roses (2 bushes) which I believe are Climbing Angel Face. I ordered zepherine droughin, but was sent these. They produce fluffy, fragrant, mauve/lavender colored roses. I got them for a gate arch, so I didn’t want a thorn rose. I found zepherine this year, so I cut these off the arch and dug them up. They’re about 3 ft tall now, and very quick growers (easily grew 8 ft the 1st year). I saw Climbing Angel Face at Lowes last year, and it looks exactly like these. The nursery I ordered from also sells that variety, so I feel confident it’s a good ID.

*Winter hardy sedum. Grows about 3 inches tall, yellowish green, very vigorous grower.

I have lots of houseplants I can easily make cuttings and root. I’ll need to know in advance if anyone wants one, since I don’t intend to cut the plants otherwise.

(Taken)*Monstera deliciosa- this is a small plant in dirt, not a cutting (please note baby plants do not have splits in the leaves, but it’s from my adult plants that has splits)
*Small kalanchoe (the normal kind you see at the grocery store)
*Mimicry plant— not the 1 that looks like rocks. It’s a small succulent. Was almost magenta when I bought it, but it’s green now. Maybe you can make it pink again?
(Taken)*Amaryllis bulb. Package said it was white, but it didn’t flower. Bulb is still green, but I cut the leaves off.
(Taken)*Lucky bamboo (so probably a dracaena). 2 stalks with leaves in a little Rock/water pot. Over 2 ft tall in pot.
(Taken)*Variegated lucky bamboo. 6 stalks braided together. About 19 inches tall in pot.
*might bring an Emina Fern. Very cool looking when I bought it, but this plant hates me. If you have a high humidity room (seriously, it is not a happy houseplant), I’d be happy to let you try it.
*might bring Calathea Fusion White. Another notoriously fussy plant. Also hates me. Is currently a tiny plant with 4 leaves. Needs high humidity, bright light, no direct light.
*Green/white variegated wandering Jew- this is handful of cuttings rooted well in dirt
*1 small variegated Bonnie (curly) spider plant babies

*Possible monstera Adansonii or obliqua— it was labeled Swiss cheese vine
*Ficus pumila/creeping fig
*Goldfish plant
Green heart leaf
Neon (not doing well with water propagation. I don’t think I have time to successfully make more)
Marble queen
Manjula (same issue as Neon)
Pearls and Jade
Satin/silver “pothos” (same issue as neon)
Also a few green stems that came from variegated pothos but reverted to solid green so I cut them out.

I’m also bringing tons of generic plastic pots. All sizes.
2 smaller ceramic pots:
*1 matte black with shiny black flower pattern (cherry blossoms maybe?). Has a built in saucer and drainage hole.
*1 Asian looking with interesting cutouts towards the top. Mustard colored. Has a large drainage hole.

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Re: Jacie’s have list
March 16, 2018 09:19PM
I’m new to this group, but I’d love some of the heartleaf Philo and some neon and marble queen Pothos. Also creeping fig.
I’m still working on my perennials but will have a decent variety of coneflowers. White swan, rose red, Cheyenne spirit, native purple as well. I’m also working on gerbera daisies, autumn rudbeckia, a few Irish eyes rudbeckia. They’ve seeded and by May should be decent size for straight potting up in your yard. Any questions, please feel free to contact me! I’m excited about my first plant swap!
Re: Jacie’s have list
April 04, 2018 03:30PM
Hello Jacie. I would be interested in pothos neon, manjula, pearls and jade, and/or satin/silver depending on what you have available. Also, philo micans, and again that is depending on what you have available. I don't want to be greedy. Now ..... what are you looking for? I will start gathering and posting items and if I know what you want it would be helpful.

Re: Jacie’s have list- edit 4/18
April 21, 2018 05:58PM
Jacie - thank you very much. As for the pothos, I prefer the smaller. I will be looking around for things I can bring you. I do have a pink peony I could bring it that would work for you?
Re: Jacie’s have list- edit 4/18
April 22, 2018 12:06PM
Jacie - have you down for the peony. Will be adding a few more items, so let me know if you see anything else you want.
Re: Jacie’s have list- edit 4/18
April 24, 2018 11:39AM
I didn't see anything on your list that is on my wishlist, but I will bring some Bellflower for you.
Amy H
Re: Jacie’s have list- edit 4/18
April 25, 2018 03:45PM
Hi Jacie! I am very interested in one or both of your climbing roses. I don't know if I have anything big enough for trade for you... but I could probably part with some large elephant ears (I don't have them on my have list, but I think I have some!) along with anything else on my list. We have similar tastes, I'm kicking myself for giving away 3 of my large hydrangeas last month.
Re: Jacie’s have list- edit 4/18
April 27, 2018 11:26AM
Hi Jacie,

I am very interested in your two types of lucky bamboos.
It's not on my list, but I can bring a cutting of 'Strawberry Vanilla' hydrangea, double flowering daffodils 'Tahiti' and 'Cheerfulness'. Also I have yellow flowering Allium moly on my list. Let me know. Thanks.


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Re: Jacie’s have list- edit 4/18
April 30, 2018 10:32AM
I'll take one of your climbing roses

Re: Jacie’s have list- edit 4/18
May 02, 2018 10:09PM
Hi Traci! Sorry, I’m giving the roses to OhDearKel. 1 doesn’t look as promising as the other, so I don’t want to spilt them in case 1 doesn’t pull thru.

Re: Jacie’s have list- edit 5/2
May 09, 2018 04:49PM
jacie - I would like your *Amaryllis bulb. hope you find something on my list.
Re: Jacie’s have list- edit 5/2
May 11, 2018 09:17PM
Hi, Jacie.

If the monstera is still available I'd love to trade for that. Check my list if you get the chance to see if there is anything you are interested in.

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