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Jacie's Have List

Posted by Jacwo2 
Jacie's Have List
April 22, 2017 12:40AM
Here are items I have available.

*Amaryllis. It's going into dormancy, so it doesn't look great. It produced 2 flower stalks. 1 had 4 flowers, 1 had 2 flowers. Bright red.

*Dark purple on white torenia. Flowering plant from a 6 pack of annuals.
*Fuchsia on white torenia. Flowering plant from a 6 pack of annuals.
*Yellow ranunculus. Small plant flowering now. This plant should be an annual, but it actually survived the winter last year. Another small ranunculus. Unknown color, might not bloom this year, but you're welcome to try it.

*Panda plant. Non-hardy succulent. I have some tiny babies growing from leaves, 2 tall/thin plants (they want more sun), and 1 plant that was beheaded then grew another tall/thin branch.
*Blue chalk fingers. Non-hardy succulent. 1tall/thin plant (needs more sun), 1 plant that was beheaded and is now growing 3 new branches.
*Unknown, like blue chalk fingers but yellow-green and shiny (not chalky). Non-hardy succulent. 1 short bushy plant, 1 plant starting to stretch out.
*Unknown, thick green leaves. Non-hardy succulent. 1 plant has been beheaded, several rooted leaves.

I can make cuttings of these plants (I believe all the houseplants are poisonous, but I don't eat them, haha), if anyone is interested:
*Marble Queen Pothos
*Heartleaf Philodendron
*Dieffenbachia Camouflage
*Monstera Deliciosa and/or Philodendron Hope (these will have to wait till fall. But I wanted to gage interest before I cut it)
*Sweetbay Magnolia (another plant for fall, but I'll have to see if they take)

I have a weeping rose tree (miniature, bright pink, floribunda roses) that apparently wants a new home or more care. I'd be willing to trade for a different ornamental tree. It's currently in a large pot, stays outside year round, routinely suffers from yellowing leaves with black spots (I think it's too wet, but I haven't been able to resolve it), also something is constantly eating tiny holes in the leaves. Maybe a better rose gardener can make it happy? It grows lots of branches/leaves/flowers, it just suffers.

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Re: Jacie's Have List
April 22, 2017 12:57AM
Three cheers! At last another post. Need more.
Re: Jacie's Have List
May 07, 2017 01:33PM
I would be interested in your "Blue chalk fingers. Non-hardy succulent." Please take a look at my list and let me know if I have anything you would be interested in. (I updated my list in my comments section, for some reason I could not edit the original post, probably operator error smiling smiley
Re: Jacie's Have List
May 08, 2017 02:52PM
Can you make me a cutting of the Marble Queen Pothos? I'll try not to eat it. LOL

I haven't grown many houseplants, but I've got a great half-wall that's the upper story of my split level. It's a good, bright area that receives indirect lighting. Have you got any suggestions besides Philodendron, which I already have?

Re: Jacie's Have List
May 09, 2017 01:06PM

I would like, the Amarylils (bright red), Panda Plant and Blue Chalk Finger. take a look at my list and let me know what you want.


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