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What I am bringing to the swap

Posted by Valerie C 
What I am bringing to the swap
September 24, 2017 07:39PM
Better late than never. I will mostly have seeds with me for the swap. I am not as prepared for the Fall swap as I was the Spring swap.

VEGGIE SEEDS I have saved and bagged
Cilantro (5 packs)
Dwarf Okra (12 packs)
Tennessee Cheese pepper (6 packs)
Purple Beauty pepper (3 packs)
Red Roaster pepper (6 packs)
Rat tail radish (8 packs)
Jalapeno pepper (4 packs)
Mixed Bell pepper (6 packs)
Pineapple Pole Tomato (3 packs)
Green Zebra tomato (3 packs)
Large Red Cherry Tomato (9 packs)
Gigantomo tomato (5 packs)
Tennessee Surprise tomato (8 packs)
Box Car Willie Tomato (5 packs)
Heart shaped Roma tomato (5 packs)
Yellow pear tommy tomato (5 packs)

Flower Seeds
Black night morning glory (1 pack)
Yarrow mixed colors (1 pack)
Moss Rose double mix (5 packs)
Safflower (1 pack)
Hyacinth bean Red leave (toxic) vine (5 packs)
Birdhouse gourd seeds (20 packs)
Hardy heartthrob hibiscus (perennial) (5 packs+ if needed)
Touch-me-nots mixed colors (5 packs)

Plants (If requested)
Wandering Jew (purple hearts)
Hoya Macgillivrayi (3 cuttings available rooting in water)

I also have 3.5 gallon buckets that are food grade if anyone would be interested (15 available) Have lids for a few of them.
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