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Brandon's Want List

Posted by Brandon7 
Brandon's Want List
March 18, 2018 11:44AM
1-gallon (trade gallon) or about that size nursery pots. I prefer injection-molded pots or thermoformed/co-extruded/euro pots, but I could also use the old standard blow-mold type pots if they are in good condition (they deteriorate more quickly in sunlight, when left out).
Re: Brandon's Want List
March 29, 2018 07:19AM
Are these the black plastic pots that plants come in at like Home Depot and Lowes? I have a ton in my shed. I can see what I have. Do they have a normal measurement? I don’t want to bring you something too small.

Re: Brandon's Want List
March 29, 2018 08:41PM
A typical trade-gallon thermoformed pot (the thin walled pots that are sometimes colored black inside but green or brown on the outside) measures 6.25"(top) x 5.75"(bottom) x 6.25"(height). Even though they are thin, these usually last a long time.

Trade-gallon injection-molded pots (thick, usually smooth walled) vary quite a bit but would sometimes come with about the same measurements as the thermoformed pots. These are the premium type of pot and last a very long time.

A typical trade-gallon blow-mold pot (the ones that frequently have kind of scalloped shape side) measures 6.5"(top) x 5"(bottom) x 6.5"(height). These are the fairly cheap, common pots a lot of woody plants come in from nurseries. Their rims often start to break down within a year or two. Once the rim is gone, the whole pot becomes flimsy and often starts to fall apart.

Full-gallon (as opposed to trade-gallon) pots would measure a little larger.
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