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Jacwo2’s Have List

Posted by Jacwo2 
Jacwo2’s Have List
September 19, 2019 09:54PM
So far just some houseplants I’m tired of...

Peperomia serpens- small plant. A bit leggy and unruly, but not fussy. Maybe you can make it happier.

Curly jade- very small plant. 4 stalks, but only 1-3 inches tall. Also has 1 branch of a white, furry haworthia mixed in. I forget the name, but the white fur covers it like a smooth, fitted cocoon.

Pilea peperomiodies- about 6 inches tall, has 2 babies. Saw some white spots that looks suspiciously like scale. I scraped them off, but be warned. I’ll do my best to keep it healthy till the swap.

Syngonium- bigger than the pilea. I believe it was cream allusion, but it’s mostly light green now. Could probably do with more sun.

Haworthia- 3-4 in tall with a baby. Growth pattern similar to coarctata, but it’s dark green and not really spotty. This plant does not like me. He looks a little sad, but I think he’s healthy (probably getting too hot/dry in my window).

Also, if anyone wants to keep them as houseplants, I can dig these out of my yard to bring: alocasia regal shield and alocasia frydek. I just planted them in the spring bc they hate my house. Leaving that frydek outside to freeze breaks my heart, so I’d love to give it to someone else. Maybe if you have good luck with ferns, maranta, calathea, etc. I can’t seem to keep any of those alive inside.
Re: Jacwo2’s Have List
September 30, 2019 05:08PM
I don't have much of a list, but if you should see something you want, I'd like to try your alocasia frydek and the pepperomia serpens.

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Re: Jacwo2’s Have List
October 04, 2019 03:42PM
I would be very interested in the frydek, prayer plants or calathea.
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