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Friendly People, Interesting Plants, and Great Food

Posted by Brandon7 
Friendly People, Interesting Plants, and Great Food
May 11, 2019 05:07PM
We had another great swap today. Even though it was raining, we had around 50 to 55 people (getting an accurate count was like herding cats). The food was really good too. I won't mention anything particular because I don't want to leave anyone's great cooking out, but man there was some good stuff! Quite a few people stayed to socialize. That's always been my favorite part of the swaps.

Our guest speaker did not come, and I was wondering what happened. I contacted him a few minutes ago. He said he lost his phone the other day and all his contact information and schedule had been lost. He wanted to apologize to everyone. He had forget when and where the swap was and didn't even realize he had missed it until I contacted him this afternoon.

I want to thank Martha Woodward for helping get the word out about the swap, again this year. She contacts a ton of newspapers and publications and asks them to post announcements about the swap. That takes a huge amount of work off of my plate, and I really appreciate her efforts.
Re: Friendly People, Interesting Plants, and Great Food
May 14, 2019 12:24PM
THANKS, Brandon, but YOU are the backbone of this group.

Love to all

It was G R E A T!!!

Several people have asked me to write a report of what goes on at our meet-ups. I hope I am not leaving out anything or anyone. Everyone did a fabulous job.
I hope you will copy this short article and post on any source of media you use. Please feel free to add photos or go to my blog you can find by searching Martha Sunsphere and copy photos from it.
Each year I send out our announcements to media outlets from this area.
We are an example to other cities and counties who are hoping to organize a plant swap.
It helps when everyone shares and please e mail me if needed at Sunspherebook@aol.com

May 11 East Tennessee Plant Swap Another Big Success
By Martha Rose Woodward, Advertising Committee
Once again 60-70 avid gardeners and plant lovers gathered at the large shelter at New Harvest Park in Knoxville, Tennessee to swap plants, enjoy friendships, and share a tasty meal.
The unexpected big hits of the day were fresh, homegrown strawberries from Tim Brown’s place in Grainger County and birdhouses along with a pack of seed from Joe and Josh’s Landscaping. The long-time members of the group hand-made the birdhouses, especially for their fellow swappers.
Shelia also brought a table full of gardening, cooking, and sewing books and magazines, and Barrett sent his famous signs hand-painted with garden terms and names. Aprons sewn by Martha added to the fun, while several others brought empty pots which are always wanted.
Trucks, vans, and trunks full of vehicles arrived laden with a wide variety of plants while members of the group were eager to see old friends, discuss knowledge of plants, swap plants, or give them away. The same trucks, vans, and trunks drove away filled with plants that found new homes.
A potluck lunch was shared while a few stranglers arrived. These folks joined in all the fun and found plants to swap while giving theirs away with plenty of lively discussions.
Most everyone found their way to Brown’s table full of strawberries and were soon munching the luscious, sweet treats while listening to Brown discuss his growing techniques. Brown also shared numerous strawberry plants. This was his first visit. He said he plans to return in October with fresh figs.
The East Tennessee Plant Swap is open to everyone. The group meets 2 times a year and is free other than a few dollars needed to pay for rent on the shelter and hosting for the web site. You do not have to join or pay dues to be called a member. More information can be found at Martha Sunsphere—follow the links.

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