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Looking forward to seeing everyone; hope winter was not too harsh on your plants

Posted by Martharose 
Yea, fun time-a-comin'.
Always look forward to a fun event.

We moved to a much larger place, so anything you want to get rid of, please
bring it on.

Happily, all the iris, lilies, and other things we got last fall have lived through the winter.

I'd love primrose, striped bamboo, iris, lilies, mint, cannas.

I'm sewing garden aprons, microwave cozies (bowls), and bags. Be sure to let me know
which you want and I'll save one for you.
Hey Martha - I have some iris and possible lilies I can bring - only problem is I don't know the colors. If that is ok, I would love an apron (hopefully a large one).
Hey Martha!!! I have Iris and Lilies of several colors if interested! I would love an apron (large, but at the time of the swap I will be 9 mos pregnant, so just one that will fit after baby...).
Re: Looking forward to seeing everyone; hope winter was not too harsh on your plants
April 11, 2019 10:11AM
I have a cute little striped dwarf bamboo. I'll also bring you some strawberry mint. I'm pretty sure it made it through winter.

I'd love an apron smiling smiley

I hope you are doing well and I can't wait to catch up with you!
I would love an apron!

I'll bring you some evening primrose and sundrops (also a primrose) and some mountain mint.

Thank you,
Yes, I agree to everything LOL
I'll have plenty of aprons; you can take your choice
Congrats on baby to be

Would you like a Moby wrap? i have an extra one I made when i made 2 for a friend. It has gray/white/pink/green design; very pretty

It is a wrap for holding a baby....so sweet.

Search my YouTube channel for the video Tennessee Thrifter is the channel and look for the video.

I'll bring it and show you how to use it; you will LOVE it.
Sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!
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