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Dawn’s Has List

Posted by salviaflower 
Dawn’s Has List
February 25, 2020 11:09AM
I am going to bow out since I am high risk for Covid—19. I am so sad! I hope things will be much better in the fall. I know you guys are going to be careful, but I feel best for myself to be extra careful for now. Have a great time and see you next time!????????

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Re: Dawn’s Has List
February 26, 2020 07:18AM
I didn’t know that, thanks! That explains why I have several at my new house. I will take those off the list and get rid of them. Thankfully, someone is taking the adult plant. Having dealt with wisteria, I am NOT a fan of invasive plants. Thanks for the heads up!
Re: Dawn’s Has List
April 21, 2020 09:36AM
I'd love a Gladiolus Fiesta. i'll try to get my "have" list up soon

Re: Dawn’s Has List
April 22, 2020 07:00PM
Hey Traci, I am not going after all...sorry! sad smiley I am high risk for Covid-19 so feel I should wait for fall. Thanks, though!
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