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Sheila's Have List

Posted by swilshire 
Sheila's Have List
April 29, 2020 09:09AM
I am bringing a lot of books. Some nice gardening or flower related books. Also some older ones with good basic information. Bunches of good cookbooks and related magazines, from old treasures to newer ones. A few other odd books and magazines.
Re: Sheila's Have List
May 08, 2020 10:12AM
Hey Sheila - do you have any houseplant books or magazines? My Mom likes to look at houseplant'ing' ideas now that she is unable to outdoor garden. I can bring you some iris that I am thinning, I have a redbud seedling, and some oak seedlings (if you are interested). I also have the dwarf red buckeye - not sure if you like those? And .... this is a long shot as most folks don't like them (I do like them) but I have a couple of cedar trees that are about 12 inches tall. I usually try to remove them from the flower beds before they get to any size, but these escaped me and I always hate to throw them away. I also had to remove some chaste tree seedlings but they are looking a bit rough.
Re: Sheila's Have List
May 08, 2020 11:37AM
I have quite a variety of both books and magazines - some nice, some old. Definitely some about houseplants. I think I'm up to 7 boxes total.

I love books and can't resist buying them, but I've been trying to pare down my collection. Many of them came from McKays or estate sales. No trades necessary. I just want to share them with others who might enjoy them.

I'm always glad to add iris and redbud seedlings. Will have to ask Stan about the Oak. Probably interested in them too. We usually get trees on 10K Tree Day, but missed it this year.

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.


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Re: Sheila's Have List
May 08, 2020 11:43AM
I had to Google chaste tree, but they are beautiful. I'd love to try one or two.

My daughter has bees on the farm. The chaste tree looks like something the bees would love.

Re: Sheila's Have List
May 08, 2020 12:43PM
great Sheila! thanks so much
Re: Sheila's Have List
May 09, 2020 06:52PM
hey Sheila! was good to see you. Than you so much for the books. Mom is enjoying them. Also, I wanted to tell you the dwarf red buckeye is a small tree/large shrub and it likes some shade and moisture if you have that.
Re: Sheila's Have List
May 14, 2020 05:32PM
I’m glad to hear the books are being enjoyed. Thanks for the info on the shrub.

We are finishing up planting everything today.
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