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Kellie's Want List

Posted by OhDearKel 
Kellie's Want List
February 07, 2020 01:37PM
I have enacted a self-imposed buy-ban. Which means I’m trying a new thing this summer where I don’t buy every plant that strikes my fancy and won't try my best to buy & save every clearance plant and shrub. My goal is to trade for all of my plants this year.

Things I just love & want specifically:
Euphorbia Leucodendron
Hardy Banana
Lemon Balm
White Climbing Rose
Vibrant heucheras
Cooking Herbs
Pampas Grass

Would be nice & always interested in:
Trailing House Plants
Clay Pots
Flowers – in blues, purple or white – full sun
Flowers – that seem tropical for a pool area vibrant warm colors red, orange, yellow
Re: Kellie's Want List
April 21, 2020 09:54AM
Girl, I can hook you up with some Lemon balm!

I have lucifer crocosmia that is a striking red - gets about knee-high. I'm sure I have a few extra I can lift.

Let me know!

Re: Kellie's Want List - Leigh
April 27, 2020 08:29AM

I have three banana trees that have spread into my yard from my neighbor. I can dig them up of you and see what survives. One will fit in a 5 gallon bucket, but the other two will need to go in a trash bag.

I have a variety of cooking herbs - oregano, marjoram, thyme (lemon, english, silver), and flat-leaf parsley (may be bolting soon; may bring you seeds). I have rosemary and sage that I could start cuttings. I have holy basil (tulsi) and variegated basil ready to plant in pots.

I suggest seeding cilantro in late August and then mine grow all winter, then start bolting in mid-August.

I have an ever-bearing strawberry patch that will have shoots soon. I have May fruiting strawberry patch that is sending out shoots.

I have some trailing houseplants that came for the office.

Let me know what you are interest in and I will pot. I am interested to trade for some Dianthus – Many Varieties.


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Re: Kellie's Want List
April 29, 2020 07:35PM
I have SO much oregano. Plus. I don’t buy so many but I am a plant rescuer. LOL
Re: Kellie's Want List
May 07, 2020 11:54AM
I have some veggie seeds, cantaloupe and a clay pot I can give you. I have posted my wants on your have list.
Re: Kellie's Want List
May 07, 2020 11:37PM
I have a small-to-medium sized dragon's tongue plant. They tend it trail and also root easily - sometimes whether you want them to or not! If a node is touching the soil, congratulations you're a plant grandma. winking smiley
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